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It’s 2509 And Your Menstrual Pads Are Still Decomposing – Get THINX

For $32 (or $23 if you get a good promo code!) you can try out your first pair of THINX, an underwear made to absorb your periods. According to the company’s site, more than 12 billion pads and tampons are thrown out every year, and the average person with a period uses 11,000 pads, tampons, and panty liners in their lifetime. Pads and panty liners contain a plastic component that can sit in landfills for 500 to 800 years! Tampons are mostly biodegradable, but they can take up to six months to decompose. 

THINX package

I tried my first pair of THINX just a few months ago and bought my second and third pair shortly after. I was surprised on how comfortable the panties are (real life changer!) and how easy it was to wash it off (no stains at all!). I felt as if I was in a period-free day. I considered the DivaCup (have a few friends that swear by it too), but I have a relatively light and short period and THINX worked out great for me. I am unsure if THINX would hold a really heavy flow – the site claims THINX Super can take the same amount of four tampons, but I have the sense that one would start feeling heavy after four hours or so. Disclaimer here that I have not purchased the THINX Super, but the Classic ones (site claims two tampons worth of fluid for Classic ones). 

All women have lighter days in the beginning and end of their periods, so even if THINX may not work out for you the entire time, you would still have made a more eco-friendly choice in more than 20 days in a year! It’s definitely worth a try. After all, that’s a lot of plastic that don’t need to exist in 2509.  

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