15 Green Things That You Can Do Without Having to Buy New Products

  1. Eat all the food you buy
  2. Turn off idle devices 
  3. Take shorter showers
  4. Pick a day of the week to wear something that you haven’t worn in a long time and decide if you want to donate it
  5. Plant a tree(s)
  6. Recycle electronics at a proper location, including used batteries
  7. Be better about composting
  8. Air dry your clothes in the summer
  9. Be more selective about which clothes need to be in the laundry bin
  10. Pick a day of the week to eat less or no meat
  11. Take public transportation, bike or carpool more often
  12. Use your old dish sponge or a little wet rag to clean counters instead of using paper towels with all-purpose-cleaner
  13. Use the two sides of a paper sheet before recycling it
  14. Put leftover food in glass, plastic or any reusable containers instead of using ziplock bags
  15. Share this blog with a friend!

What is your GREENFYI idea?