Five Simple Ways to Reduce Waste In Your Kitchen

1.Use reusable beewax wrap instead of plastic wrap

I was a bit hesitant to start using beewax wrap in my kitchen simply because “it looked like it would not work”, but since I adopted it I can no longer see a decent reason to use plastic wrap. In fact, it seems that plastic wrap can be replaced with pretty much anything you already have in your kitchen – plastic or glass containers, a cotton towel, napkins (which you can at least compost), even a pot with a lid! The more I think the more I am shocked that something so wasteful such as plastic wrap has infiltrated our kitchens for so many decades.  If you are looking for something specific that truly wraps, Bee’s Wrap does the job just fine. In fact, I think it is better than plastic because it is thicker. Once you’re done using it, you just wash it and reuse it. It looks as good as new.   

2. Get rid of zip lock bags by using this awesome pottery barn sandwich bag and easy to open containers

Last year, my oldest kid started kindergarten and we had to start preparing his lunch every day… I did not like the idea of sending his sandwich in a ziplock bag not only because it is so wasteful, but also because his sandwich would just get smashed and disgusting for lunch time with the ice packs there. I was lucky to find this great Pottery Barn Kids reusable sandwich bag. It has been thrown in the dishwasher multiple times and when my son is not using it, I use it myself! Pottery barn also has some pretty easy to open and small plastic containers that your little kid: 1. Can open, 2. Won’t find super heavy to carry in his backpack. Some of my friends also like to use Thermos for cut fruit.

3. Get rid of zip lock bags (again) by using washable lunch boxes 

There are a ton of lunch boxes options out there, especially for kids. We have been using this really great one from Yumbox that reminds parents to send healthy lunch/snacks with the main food groups: protein, dairy, veggie, fruits, and grains. You can use, wash in the dishwasher, and re-use it. The sections are pretty small and perfect to keep different food items organized.

4. Buy recycled aluminum foil instead of regular foil 

Okay, okay. You used foil your whole life. You can’t think of a baked salmon without foil… Well, if you really need to use foil, buy recyled foil. The “If you care”  brand claims to use 95% less energy to produce the product and packaging than regular foil. We’ve tried and it works just fine!

5. Best tip: Have an extra sponge by your kitchen sink and use that to clean your counter, stove top and dining room table instead of paper towels

Your sponge looks beat up in the kitchen after a few months of use and don’t work too well to clean your dirty pots and pans… But, don’t throw that away! You can still use that very same sponge to clean your counters, the stove top, your place mats, and table! You won’t believe the amount of paper towel you will save by simply having a second sponge for those uses by your sink. Just put a bit of water or liquid dish soap and you’re on your way to greener cleaning in your kitchen. 

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